Summer Deal: Binge Reduction Blueprint

Learn how to reduce your binge episodes with education and self-guided worksheets and relfections

Do you: 

😔 Struggle with 24/7 hunger & feel like you're holding back insatiable cravings?

😔 Feel you can't stop eating once you start no matter how much willpower you muster up?

😔 Jump from diet to diet but still end up binge eating?

😔 Feel mentally burdened that food is the only thing on your mind 24/7?

😔 Constantly struggle with uncomfortable bloating leading you to look 6 months pregnant?

😔 Possibly struggle with heartburn and gallstones?

😔 Feel your diet is being sabotaged and feel guilty whenever a meal is cooked by someone else

😔 Feel like you're throwing money away after countless diet plans, gym memberships, meal replacement shakes but still end up binge eating?

😔 Feel low in energy throughout the day and dread working out whilst being mentally and physically exhausted - often being only fuelled by just coffee for breakfast

😔 Feel like you simply just can't trust your body's fullness and hunger cues?

What if I told you the Binge Freedom Blueprint can support you:

   To get rid of 24/7 hunger and cravings without cutting any of your binge foods out of your diet

To stop overeating your binge foods WITHOUT using any willpower


  To keep your binge foods in the house without losing control over them


To end the never ending cycle of jumping from diet to diet


  To stop food from taking over your mind 24/7 to make room for family, studies, loved ones, and more mental freedom


  To reduce bloating without constantly looking pregnant, gallstones, heartburn

✅  To enjoy meals with family and friends without guilt or without feeling sabotaged


  To reduce impulses to buy takeaway frequently, buying diet plans, and meal replacement shakes


  To have explosive, consistent energy throughout the day without constantly relying on coffee for breakfast


  To enjoy amazingly fuelled workouts to feel stronger and fitter


  How to re-regulate your body's hunger & fullness cues to end binge urges for good

If You Struggle With *Binge Eating Episodes, Your Head is Drowning in Thoughts, Like:

‘I just want to lose weight but why is nothing working?’


'I just want to stop binge eating but I don't know where to start or what to do?'

What if I End Up Bingeing Again?

Don’t worry, I get it – I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel like you can’t even trust yourself anymore around foods you love It’s a battlefield in your mind – every single meal time

On top of feeling mentally exhausted,

- You still feel like you need to try harder

- You still feel like you need to make up for the recent binges you had

- but you've tried everything and you just keep going back to where you started

Let's try something different...

But before we continue I want to ask you this...

Do you want to just feel 'normal' food?

Are you just so exhausted fighting against your body that you just want to escape the mentally exhausting guilt and shame

What if I told you that it truly is possible to keep all your binge foods AND NOT BINGE ON THEM?


“Before starting this course, I've been trying my best to lose weight as much as possible but then I found Jonathan on Instagram then hopped onto the course. The course explained everything I needed to know from my binge triggers to how to end binge eating for good! Now I am binge free for 4 months so far and still enjoying all of my binge foods without losing control over them!”


“This is a really good course, very well explained and I am back on track with including all the foods I love without the bingeing”


“Since my bodybuilding days of being comp ready, I struggled so bad with the post-comp binges leading me to bingeing and extreme dieting because I was scared to gain weight - yup serious body dysmorphia but the course helped me end by binges and now I'm mentally in a much better place now”


“100% would recommend to any person or loved one struggling with binge eating - explain so simply but be warned that this isn't an easy fix as you'll have to go through the reflections and worksheets”


“This was a great alternative as I couldn't afford a dietitian! Binge free for 3 months so far!”


Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the Binge Eating Freedom Course

    2. Why 1200 calories is Not Enough

    3. What Happens When Your Body is Undernourished?

    4. Reframing Your Mindset Around Diets and Weight Loss

    5. Reframing the Fears of a Comfortable Bodyweight

    6. Dispelling Myths About Dieting and Weight Loss

    7. Signs of a Serious Eating Disorder

    8. Quiz

    9. Am I Truly Caring for My Health? Reflection

    1. How to Identify True, Lasting Motivation for Change

    2. True, Lasting Motivation for Change Worksheet

    3. SMART Goal Setting

    4. SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

    1. What Actually Is 'Binge Eating?' Video

    2. The Definition and Criteria for a Binge Episode

    3. The Differences Between Emotional Eating and Binge Eating

    4. Why Willpower is NOT the Solution to Binge Eating

    5. How to Inform Your Doctor About Your Binge Eating

    6. Quiz

    7. Reflection - How Do I Feel After a Binge Episode?

    1. 'What Are The Main Binge Triggers?' Video

    2. The 3 Main Binge Triggers

    3. The Hidden Trigger: Mental Restriction

    4. Increased Urges and Cravings Due to Nutritional Deficiencies

    5. Increased Urges and Cravings Due to Low Blood Sugar Levels

    6. Quiz

    7. Reflection - What Are My Binge Triggers?

    1. The 'Minnesota Starvation Experiement'

    2. The Physical, Psychological, and Social Problems of Binge Eating

    3. Acknowledging Hesitation and Fear of Reaching Your Goals

    4. Reflection - Self-compassion and Self-care

    1. Building Regular Eating Habits That Stop/Reduce Binges

    2. How to Re-regulate Hunger and Fullness With 'Mechanical Eating'

    3. How to Portion Your Meals Properly

    4. Does Intuitive Eating Work?

    5. Overcoming Emotional Eating

    6. Mental Restriction and Re-introducing Your Fear Foods

    7. Fear Foods Reintroduction Worksheet

    8. Looking Into The Future Reflection

About this course

  • £89.00
  • 50 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

But first, this isn't a quick-fix programme but:

This self-guided course is written around the CBT-E Framework (Enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy) based on Dr Christopher Fairburn's approach to reduce binge episodes wherein you will need to take responsibility and action to complete the reflections, weekly monitoring sheets, daily monitoring sheets, quizzes, and more throughout the self-guided course. 

Just because this is a self-guided course does not mean it is a course that will reduce your binges without putting any effort.

I understand, because that was me...

Hi, I’m Jonathan a registered dietitian and ex-binger. I understand, because I have struggled and fought the war of binge eating myself for 5 years! I lost my hunger cues, had no control over food, and was spiralling into depression

But this is me now...

Being binge free with 0 urge to binge anymore and thriving in life!

  • ✅ Can keep whatever foods I want in my house and have no urge to binge - 5 years and counting! Still enjoying all of the foods I used to binge on with no anxiety!

  • ✅ Have developed trust that no matter what or how much I eat, my body will guide me to comfortable fullness and I stop there!

  • ✅ Feel stronger in my workouts - I'm well fueled and working out is just so enjoyable now!

  • ✅ No more heartburn or bloating - I feel much healthier and have consistent energy levels throughout the day with no mid morning crashes

  • ✅ And FINALLY feel normal around food. Food isn’t controlling my life or my thoughts anymore

✅ Who is this course for?

The Binge Freedom Course is perfect for you if:

  • You feel your weight increasing no matter how hard you diet or try to control your portions

  • Keep dieting but end up over-consuming food no matter what you do

  • You are burdened by 24/7 food thoughts throughout the day

  • Lose control over sweet foods no matter how much you try to control your urges

❌ Who is this course not for?

The Binge Freedom Course is NOT for you if:

  • You stop eating when you are comfortably full no matter what you eat

  • You have no food anxiety or guilt no matter how much or what kind of foods you eat

  • Your life is not dictated by food

  • You can keep any food in your kitchen and have no urge at all to binge eat

  • You have an ACTIVE EATING DISORDER or struggle with Binge eating disorder - Speak to a healthcare professional rather than purchasing an online course

  • Your binge eating episodes are causing physical symptoms such as abdominal pain, chest pain, and vomiting - please consult your health care professional

I'm ready to start learning and reducing my binge episodes